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We know that choosing the right size while buying shoes online can be difficult, that's why we prepared a detailed size chart and recommendations to make it easier for our customers. 

So how long do you need to wear your Atlantis Handmade shoes before they break in?

Well, it mostly depends on how often you wear them but it can take between a week and a month, depending on the type of activity. 

Cheat code for faster break-in: Wearing thick socks may shorten the break in process. But remember, they may still need a couple of long walks to break in. 

The most important tip for Yemeni Shoes Sizing

It should be tight at first. If your toes are touching the tip of your Atlantis shoes, that's perfect. The high quality, all-natural leather we use to make our shoes stretch with wear and they will take the shape of your feet.

The stitching inside

It is normal to feel the stitching inside at first because they were stitched by hand. It is just all-natural beeswaxed cotton stitching so it will settle in with wear as well. Don't worry, you won't even notice the stitching after a few wears.

Can I order a half size?

Yes, we offer half sizes. Since we don't keep stock and we make all shoes up on order, all our sizes are always available.

What is the difference between men's and women's sizes?

Short answer; The width. Men's sizes run a bit wider than women's sizes. If you have narrower feet, we recommend using an extra insole.This usually fixes the problem and offer a more gripping fit for our customers with narrower feet. 

I don't know which size to order. What do I do?

No problem, just contact us and we will give you personalized recommendations on sizing. You can tell us about your feet's measurements, the sizes you usually wear in similar style shoes or any other information that may help us determine the right size for you. Nobody likes to wait while shopping, that's why we reply to all inquiries within the same day!

Atlantis Kids

Measuring your kids foot can be tricky :) please try to measure your child's foot from heel to big toe and pair it with the equivalent Atlantis Kids Size.

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