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Care tips for our unique handmade Turkish Shoes:

  • For leather loafers, we suggest cleaning regularly with a dry cloth. You can use high quality leather conditioner if necessary. 
  • For nubuck and suede loafers, we suggest using a brush to clean them properly without harming the texture. To care best, you have to brush to same direction. In any circumstances, do not use any topical products. 
  • Atlantis shoes are not waterproof. Always keep them away from the water. If they get wet, dry them with the help of cloth, towel or sunlight. 
  • INSIDE STITCHING: It is totally normal to feel the stitches at first. Beeswax-coated twine used for stitching will soften with time.

Extra Outsole For Longevity

Our Atlantis Handmade shoes come with a rubber outsole which adds extra durability. The main purpose of this outsole is to protect the midsole from external risks like water, dirt and generall environmental damage.

The rubber outsole we add to our shoes will wear away with time, this is totally normal. They can be replaced easily by any cobbler or shoemaker in your area.

We recommend you to replace the outer sole as soon as you begin to notice any damage or wear down. This would prevent damaging the shoe itself.

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01.12.2020 UPDATE

We are fully operational. We are shipping your shoes NEXT DAY! Please Click Here for our response and updates concerning COVID-19.

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