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Care & Repair

Our high quality, all-natural leather requires minimum maintaining. All you need to do is maintain the leather and replace the rubber outsole as it gets worn down. 

Maintaining The Leather

All you need are a damp cloth and a leather conditioner. Just clean your Atlantis shoes with a damp cloth as it gets dirty and apply a leather conditioner as it appears dry.

Avoid wearing them in extreme conditions. If you get them wet, just leave them to dry in room temperature and they should be fine. 

Rubber Soles

We will start with the most important; Rubber soles don't last forever. They are not even a part of the Yemeni Shoes tradition. Rubber sole is just an extra protection layer that we apply to prevent damage to midsole and the stitching. Depending on the conditions or wearer it can start to peel back or wear down. In some cases, it can happen as early as 3 months depending on extreme weather conditions or using them in sports or outdoor activities. But don't worry, we make them easily replaceable.

How do I replace the rubber soles of my Atlantis Handmade Shoes?

Some of our competitors charge up to 50$ to replace them, this is daylight robbery. Don't do it. Any cobbler in your area would replace them for a fraction of that price.

Just take them or send them to a local cobbler to both save money and support your local businesses. This is the reason we make them easily replaceable in the first place.

With the money that you save from two rubber sole replacements from our competitors, you can buy a brand new pair of our Atlantis Handmade shoes. Not just the sole, the whole shoes!

Maintaining Nubuck and Suede

Maintaining our nubuck and suede models are a bit different than maintaining our regular leather shoes. You should avoid using any topical products on nubuck and suede as doing so may stain the leather.

We recommend using a brush to care for our nubuck and suede models. Remember to keep brushing in the same direction to achieve color unison.

Hair-on Leathers

You can use a soft brush to keep the hair maintained while using a damp cloth to clean them. Always brush in the same direction and use the damp cloth gently while cleaning.

Avoid using any conditioners or topical products as it may cause damage.

Please remember that these models have natural cow hair. It is delicate and it may lose thickness with time and/or friction. This is not a defect of the shoes, it is just the natural process of hair-on leathers.