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What are Barefoot Shoes?

Are You Ready to Feel the Natural Flexibility of Your Feet?

Take your walking experience to the next level with Atlantis Barefoot Shoes. Our barefoot shoes not only feel like a second skin but also allow your feet to move naturally. With a flexible and thin design, our shoes provide freedom and comfort with every step, crafted from natural leather and copper rivets to harness the power of nature.

Ideal for individuals with various foot types, our shoes offer comfort and support with their wide-toe structure. Designed with a thin sole, our barefoot shoes allow you to experience the full sensation of natural terrain, combining minimalism and elegance to provide you with unparalleled comfort during your walks.

Become a part of nature with Atlantis Handmade Shoes, living in harmony with the rhythm of nature for a healthy and free lifestyle.

Experience the blend of style and comfort with our shoes, savoring every moment.

It is time to feel...EVERYTHING

Barefoot walking is the purest and most original form of movement. Now you can experience how the world opens up to you with every step.