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Hundreds of years ago, artisans from Southern Anatolia created what is now known as the Yemeni-style shoes. The shoe was easily identified by its tough leather sole and natural leather upper, as well as its high-quality materials. The craftsmen passed the Yemeni-style shoemaking technique down to their descendants, and it is still alive in Turkey to this day.

The Atelier of Atlantis Handmade Shoes were fortunate enough to learn this technique from these craftsmen who keep the 700-year old tradition alive. The two childhood friends bonded over their love of ancient handcrafting methods and decided to form the company to provide high-quality Turkish slip-on shoes to people all over the globe. Atlantis Handmade Shoes follows the footsteps of these artisans of the past while also meeting the demands of the global marketplace.   

To honor the traditions of old, Atlantis Handmade Shoes begins by finding the finest leather and then uses ancient techniques to create beautiful and comfortable Turkish slippers, sandals, and boots. Just like the methods used by ancient craftsmen, all Turkish shoes, sandals, and boots from Atlantis Handmade Shoes are handcrafted.

By acknowledging this timeless tradition, Atlantis Handmade Shoes puts quality over quantity. Our handcrafted Turkish boots, sandals, and slippers are made with care and attention to detail. The shoes have unrivaled comfort and beauty, making Atlantis Handmade Shoes stand out as a top-tier Turkish shoe manufacturer.

Our Promise to You

The Atelier of Atlantis Handmade Shoes go beyond respecting the craftsmen that came before them. They promise to provide high-quality Turkish sandals, boots, and slippers without the high prices often associated with Yemeni-style shoes. Most Turkish shoe manufacturers operate brick-and-mortar locations that drive prices up. By forgoing a brick-and-mortar establishment, Atlantis Handmade Shoes keeps overhead and shoe prices low. 

Along with providing authentic Yemeni-style shoes at affordable prices, Atlantis Handmade Shoes’ mission is to make the handcrafted Turkish slip-on shoes available to everyone, regardless of location. Whether you live in Turkey or across the globe, you can order with confidence from Atlantis Handmade Shoes.

The founders of Atlantis Handmade Shoes are proud to deliver on the mission while also honoring the past craftsmen. Browse the selection and place your order with confidence, knowing you are getting a fair price for high-quality shoes.

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