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Why Barefoot Shoes?

Why Barefoot Shoes?

It is time to feel...EVERYTHING

Barefoot walking is the purest and most original form of movement. Now you can experience how the world opens up to you with every step.

Feel Your Nature

With Atlantis Handmade barefoot shoes, you will feel what it means to move naturally. Using only as much shoe as needed - our mission is minimalism.

Our Atlantis Handmade barefoot shoes combine high-quality leather and traditional shoemaking skills. It is only through our know-how and belief in barefoot shoes, a wealth of experience, and the best materials that we are able to create this unique and top-quality shoe.

What is unique about our Atlantis Handmade barefoot shoes is their wide fit, the flat and flexible sole and the light and elastic material. At Atlantis Handmade, we want to give your feet the freedom to move in a healthy way.

Connect with mother earth through your sole

100% Copper Rivet conductor hand-hammered through sole gives your body a direct channel to mother earth.

Wide Toe Box

Our Atlantis Handmade barefoot shoes are ideal for customers with wider toe boxes since they give your toes enough room to spread.