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What is the Difference Between Oxford and Brogue Shoes?

What is the Difference Between Oxford and Brogue Shoes?

There are numerous styles to pick from when it comes to dress shoes. Oxford and Brogue shoes are two well-liked choices. Despite the fact that both styles of shoes are renowned for their timeless and elegant appearance, there are some significant differences between them.

Oxford Shoes

A traditional dress shoe design that has been around for generations are oxford shoes. They frequently have a closed lacing system, which means that the eyelets are stitched under the vamp, and are made of leather or suede.

The sleek and simple shape of Oxford shoes is one of their distinguishing features. They are often used with suits or other formal clothes and are frequently regarded as the most formal sort of dress shoe.

Oxford shoes are renowned for being comfortable as well. They are frequently designed with a firm footbed and a robust sole, making it possible to wear them for extended periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.

Brogue Shoes

Another common style of dress shoe with a distinctive look is the brogue shoe. Brogues are often composed of leather or suede, just as Oxford shoes. They do, however, have a perforated design in the toe cap and on the borders.

The more informal alternative to Oxford shoes is frequently thought of as the brogue shoe. They are a classy or casual style of shoe that goes well with everything from suits to denim.

The distinctive design of Brogue shoes is one of its key benefits. They stand out from other styles of dress shoes thanks to the perforated pattern's unusual appearance. They can be more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time since they are frequently built with a sole that is more flexible.

Handmade Shoes

Handmade versions of Oxford and Brogue shoes are available. Handmade shoes are frequently of superior quality than mass-produced shoes since they are typically created by skilled artisans utilizing traditional methods.

The attention to detail in handmade shoes is one of their key benefits. They frequently use better-quality materials and have elaborate embellishments and detailing that are not seen in shoes that are mass-produced.

Oftentimes, wearing handmade shoes is more comfortable than wearing shoes that were mass-produced. They are frequently designed with a footbed that is more supportive and a sole that is more flexible, allowing for prolonged wear without discomfort.


The decision between Oxford and Brogue shoes ultimately boils down to taste and the situation. With suits or other formal clothes, Oxford shoes are a traditional and refined alternative. The more informal and adaptable option of brogue shoes can be dressed up or down.

Both styles of shoes are available in handcrafted varieties, which have superior components and workmanship. Whatever style you decide on, make sure you spend money on a pair of shoes that are of great quality and will endure for many years. A quality pair of dress shoes is an investment in your comfort and sense of elegance.